Lavender Essential Oil


Scent: A fresh, herbaceous, floral scent with a woody, balsamic undertone.

Suggested Use: Inhalation through oil burners, diffusers, candles or sprays. Aromatherapy through massage or bathing. A popular additive for skin care and hair products, such as soaps, lotions, creams, massage oils, etc.

Most Known Benefits: Treats Acne and Eczema. Relieves Pain. Relieves Stress, Depression & Anxiety. Induces Sleep. Helps Insomnia. Helps Respiratory Disorders. Lavender oil is widely used for various respiratory problems including throat infection, flu, cough, cold, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis, and tonsillitis. Improves Blood Circulation. It is also effective against psoriasis, and helps heal wounds, cuts, and sunburns.

Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy or nursing unless supervise by a qualified expert or physician. Don't apply directly on skin.