Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Scent: It has a minty, leafy smell with a hint of sweetness.

Suggested Use: Inhalation through oil burners, diffusers, candles or sprays. Aromatherapy through massage or bathing. A popular additive for skin care products, such as soaps, lotions, or creams helps treat acne, eczema, sun spots, blemishes, aging, and pimples.

Most Known Benefits: Eucalyptus essential oil has been known to multi-medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, disinfectant, antiseptic, antibacterial, insecticidal, stimulant. Steam inhalation helps relieve cold and sinus congestion symptoms. Topical use helps heal wounds, ulcers, burns, cuts, abrasions, sores, insect bites, and stings. Mix it with base oil such as coconut oil or olive oil in 1:5 ratio and apply it to the skin 3-4 times a day could speed up wound healing and feel instant cooling pain relief! A great choice for making a natural bug spray or a pest control spray.

Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy or nursing unless supervise by a qualified expert or physician. Don't apply directly on skin.